Easter Treats for the Classroom

If you're looking for fun Easter treats to share with your students this year, here are some great ideas from various contributors.

Bunny Cupcakes

This snack may take a bit of work, but the results will be well worth it. Jenn, creator of the blog Just Jenn, offers directions, helpful pictures, and recipes for this amazing project on her site. The idea is to have a bunny peeking out of the grass in a flower pot. Purchasing the small ceramic pots from her local craft store, Jenn baked fresh strawberry cupcakes to place inside, decorated the top of the cupcake with green buttercream for grass, and then topped each 'flower pot' off with a fully decorated bunny cutout cookie. It takes some time, but your students will have a blast eating these sweet treats! Bunny Cake Pops

Bakerella offers a great treat that may not be as messy as a regular cupcake or cookie. Start by following her directions for cake pops (cake on a lollipop stick), choosing your own flavor of cake mix and frosting. For the bunnies, she used strawberry cake mix and vanilla frosting, and then decorate to your hearts content. Bakerella provides a list of products used for decorating, but this treat allows for some creative free reign. Once again, this sweet treat may take some work, but your student's will certainly appreciate it!

Be sure to read the full post for more creative Easter treats!
Easter Treats - The Crafty Crow

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