Easter Roll 'n' Write Game

Easter Printing Practice and Literacy Game Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: prekinders.com

Check out this fun game from Karen Cox of PreKinders! Perfect for the Easter season - with cutesy bunny and chick graphics - your kiddos are sure to have a blast with this pre-writing exercise!

Here's how it works...

Provide students with a large game die {try one of these fabulous education cubes or a wooden cube} featuresing 6 different focus letters and one of Karen's game mats. To play, students take turns rolling the die, identifying the letter rolled, and printing the letter on their game mat. The game continues until all players have filled their game mat.

We love the extension activities Karen suggests and think this is a fun, low-key game that your kiddos will have a ball with! For the free download and activity ideas, be sure to visit PreKinders!