Earth Day Printable Pack

Earth Day Preschool Printable
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Earth Day is next Monday and if you're looking for some fun activities to do with your kiddos, be sure to check out this colorful printable preschool pack created by Jill over at Blessed Beyond A Doubt. Prewriting skills. Numeral recognition and counting. Shapes. Visual discrimination. These are just a few of the skills/concepts included in the pack. Our favorite activity? The Earth Day vocabulary tracers! We suggest cutting the word cards apart, laminating them, and clipping them together with a binder ring. Set out in the writing center with a dry erase marker, your kiddos will be able to trace the words, then wipe the cards clean for the next student! Not to mention, these offer a great resource/reference for your kiddos as they write stories, letters, etc. and attempt to incorporate thematic vocabulary!

For this fantastic FREE activity download, be sure to visit Blessed Beyond A Doubt!