Dynamic Foil Art

Who knew that a roll of aluminum foil would lead to fun? Provided by Reshmi Nair of Calligraphy|Art|Painting blog, this craft will add punch to classroom decor, test students' fine motor skills, and provide a new art material to work with!

Supplies You'll Need
- Black card stock
- Silver and gold paper foil
- Blunt scissors for kids
- Elmer's Glue Encourage children to be creative with their art, keeping it about nature. Help them plan when to use the different color foils for visual effect. Once planned, have them carefully draw their designs onto the foil then cut them out. Small designs can be tricky, so remind them to be patient.

It may help to lay the pre-cut pieces onto the black card stock before beginning the gluing process. This will allow your students to see where the boundaries are and make sure every detail has a place. Let the fully glued creations dry and hang them around the classroom for shiny decoration accents!

Paper Foil Craft - The golden Nightingale | Calligraphy | Art | Drawing | Painting | My Experiments | Reshmi Nair On Art

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