DIY Snow Ball Mobile

homemade string and ribbon mobile

The winter season brings so many fun activities, crafts, and decorations - especially these homemade "snow ball" mobiles! Not only will they bring some holiday cheer to the classroom, they combine two ingredients your students won't be able to resist - balloons and paste!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Balloons
  • An assortment of ribbons, string, yarn, etc.
  • Craft glue or Mod Podge
  • Wax paper

How To Make A Snow Ball Mobile

Cover your workstation with a sheet of wax paper. Prepare the glue mixture by adding a small amount of warm water into the white craft glue so that it is thinned down. [NOTE: Cover when not in use so that the glue does not dry up.] Blow up a balloon for each student.

blue balloon

Cut different lengths of the assorted yarn, string, ribbon, cord, etc.

assorted cut ribbons string and yarn

Dip a piece of yarn, etc. into the craft glue. When it is fully coated, pull it out, pinch it at the top between the thumb and index finger, and slide fingers down the length of the yarn to remove the excess glue back into the container. Place the sticky piece of yarn onto the surface of the balloon.

pieces of yarn and string wrapped around a blue balloon

Repeat step 3 until the balloon is well covered.

assorted string and ribbons glued to a blue balloon

Let the mobile dry. This may take a while as some types of cord or string, etc. may take more glue to keep them on the balloon. It is best to let this craft dry overnight. Once the glue has completely dried, pop the balloon and remove it from the mobile.

homemade ribbon and string mobile

Tie a piece of string to the mobile and hang around the classroom. For additional sparkle, consider spraying the finished mobiles with silver glitter spray paint!

hanging homemade ribbon and string mobile

Tie a collection of these snow ball mobiles from the ceiling (at different heights) along with some glittery snowflakes and your classroom will turn into a winter wonderland!