DIY Make & Take Matching Game

Homemade Toddler and Preschool Matching Game Craft
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Whether you're looking for a new activity for your free play centers or a quiet activity to keep your kiddos entertained on the go, this {super simple!} handmade matching game we found at Dandee, via Ohdeedoh, is the perfect project!

Supplies You'll Need

Find various pairs of matching felt shapes. Mount a shape onto the surface of each wooden disc. To use, turn all of the discs face down on a hard surface and have your kiddos play a memory matching game or leave them face up and have your students practice hunting and matching. Your kiddos will have a great time brushing up on shape and color recognition, as well as, build fine motor skills as they play with the manipulatives. When not in use, store the pieces in the small pouch or bag. [NOTE: If you can't find stick on shapes, just use craft glue to mount the felt cutouts to the discs.]

Don't forget that this project can be adapted to fit other learning objectives too! Be sure to head on over to Dandee for this and other fantastic crafts!