DIY Light Box

Homemade Light Table Project and Activities for Kids
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If you don't have the budget or space for a fancy store-bought light table, check out this awesome DIY table tutorial from Play At Home Mom. It's super simple to put together and it can be constructed with items you have around the house. All you need is a clear storage tub and some clear lights leftover from Christmas!

Once you've constructed your light table, you can add fun items for play...

  • Add a clear shallow tray of colored sand and invite your kiddos to use their finger or a pointer to draw shapes, letters, etc.
  • Set out glass gems in assorted colors along with clear containers for sorting, filling/dumping, etc. Add a pair of tongs for transferring.
  • Fill several glass bowls with colored water. Provide your kiddos with measuring cups for pouring and mixing.
  • Set out translucent building blocks or plastic shapes in various colors {like these rainbow crystal or prism blocks}, inviting your kiddos to build and create patterns.