Dandelions & Art

Dandelions. An ugly eyesore or the key to a beautiful creation? The latter, according to Lisa at the 5 Orange Potatoes blog!

Supplies You'll Need - Dandelions - Black construction paper - Crayola® oil pastels - School glue (watered down)

First, take your students on a walk around the schoolyard instructing them to pick three or four dandelions. Note: The time frame for this project is important as the dandelion petals must already be replaced by the 'fluffy' white seedlings. Once everyone has collected their art materials, return to a preselected spot outside to begin creating! Note: Since the dandelion seeds cannot be completely controlled, this project is best completed outside where errant seeds can blow in the wind (and not onto bookshelves or other classroom fixtures!). Provide your students with a piece of black construction paper and oil pastels, encouraging them to draw the stem and leaves of several dandelions onto their page. Next, offer them watered down glue in shallow containers, inviting them to place a large blob of adhesive at the top of their stems then blow their dandelion seeds onto the glue. Once the glue dries clear, your students will be amazed at the results!

5 Orange Potatoes: Dandelion Seed Activity

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