Creating A Productive Classroom

Creating and maintaining a productive classroom environment can seem impossible. And while it does take dedication and perseverance, it is certainly not unattainable. Julia G. Thompson, author and featured contributor to The Apple, has provided an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that will lead to a successful, more productive classroom!

  1. Familiarize yourself with course content. You are the classroom authority on each lesson so act like it! If students sense that you are fumbling through the material or cannot answer their questions (within reason of course) they can lose patience and disengage very quickly.
  2. Make it a goal to learn names and faces quickly. Most students will be impressed if you remember everyone's name after the first week of classes. By quickly building a rapport with each of your students, you will gain insight into the dynamic of your class and be able to tailor your teaching style to best support your students skills and interests.
  3. Practice methods for preventing behavioral mishaps. Many teachers rely heavily on punishment alone to combat misbehavior in the classroom. Becoming familiar with ways to prevent or minimize potential problems can lead to a more positive and productive environment.
  4. Be professional. Cultivate the qualities that make a great teacher including organization, innovation, and professionalism.
  5. Check your attitude at the door. Sometime stress, disciplinary issues, and burnout can cause for a negative view of the classroom. By focusing on the positive and learning to manage stress, you will be a more effective teacher.

5 Common Sense Steps to a Productive Classroom Environment -

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