Crazy About Crayons - Cute Classroom Decor!

Crayons are a staple in every early childhood classroom's craft cabinet. So why not transfer this concept to your classroom decor? We found three fantastic projects that are sure to make you as crazy for crayons as we are!

Rainbow Crayon Classroom Decoration
Photo Source: | JKCreate

Other than to make crayons from old bits of crayon, we bet you never expected melted crayons to be on your decor supply list! Check out this fabulous print from  JK Create that we found while tooling around Etsy ~ wouldn't it make a gorgeous addition to an early childhood classroom?! And, if you're brave enough to try making your own, it would definitely make a super fun experiment art project {one your kiddos might even enjoy keeping tabs on}!

Crayon Classroom Decor and Kids Craft
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Check out these fabulous crayon monograms from Lisa at Rainy Tuesday Mornings. Perfect for your desk or as a door name plate, this project is a great way to recycle broken crayon pieces into something cute! You might even consider creating a smaller "crayon alphabet" to display on the classroom walls! [NOTE: A huge, huge plus, Lisa has alphabet templates all ready to go at her site, so be sure to head on over there for the download!]

Crayon Wreath Classroom Decoration and Kids Craft
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Simply adorable, this wreath from Evonne at The Ballard Bunch makes a fantastic teacher gift and year round classroom decoration!

These are just a few of the brilliant ideas we've found. You have to admit, they're pretty fantastic! So jump on the bandwagon and put a little fun in your classroom decoration, for "crayon" out loud! :)