Crafty Flipbook for Father's Day

Vanessa Genova DeSantis of provides a unique Father's Day gift idea - a tribute flipbook!

Supplies You'll Need
- White card stock - Banner paper
- Contact paper - Plastic CD case (a 'jewel' case works best)
- CD
- Crayola markers
- Ruler
- Craft scissors
- Glue stick The plastic CD case will be used as the flipbook cover, so remove any linings that come with it, then make two tracings onto white card stock for a custom cover decoration. Instruct your students to create a 1/3" border on the newly created liners and collage the inside square with photos of their father. On the front cover, have your students add a title with permanent marker, construction paper, or crafting paper - "Dad's Greatest Hits!" To finish off the cover, trace the CD case onto contact paper (twice), glue the collages onto the front and back of the case, then add the newly cut pieces of contact paper.

Next, fold banner paper like an accordion to the width of a CD. Create as many folds as you like, but make sure not to create more than seven as it won't fit back in the case. When the folding has been completed, invite your students to place the CD on the top of the paper and trace it.

The next step can get rather tricky. Since there are folds on both sides that need to be kept intact, when cutting out the CD shape, be sure to leave an inch on either side.

Page Instructions:

  • Page 1: This is the cover page. Have your students pen "Happy Father's Day", the date, and their signature.
  • Page 2 through ?: Have your students entitle each page with an adjective that describes their father then recount a story where their father showed this great quality. Add photos if desired.

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