Counting with the Cat in the Hat

dr seuss cat in the hat printable math activity
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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! I'm sure your class is busy celebrating today {and through the week}, so we thought we'd share this cute Cat in the Hat themed math activity we found at Growing Kinders. Some of the concepts, specifically printing the number words, may be too challenging, but we're of the opinion that any activity can be tweaked to fit the skill and learning level of your kiddos! Worksheet Applications

baby block 1 For your preschoolers who are only experimenting with printing, consider modifying the worksheet to include traceable number words, number word cutouts that are to be glued to the proper place, or invite students to write the number instead of the word.
Example worksheet modified with traceable letter words. modified dr seuss counting worksheet with traceable number words
Example number word cutouts to glue in the column. number word cutouts
baby block 2 Consider cutting the finished worksheet sections apart, using them as three-part matching cards for continued practice.
baby block 3 Use the worksheet sections to create an interactive emergent reader that, upon completion, students can use for future practice.
Example interactive emergent reader pages.

dr seuss cat in the hat counting example interactive emergent reader

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Be sure to visit Growing Kinders for this great download and some other early childhood activities that can be modified to fit your preschool classroom!

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