Counting with Fishy Friends

Want to strengthen your preschoolers fine motor skills while learning to count? This felt fish game posted by Mari-Ann of Counting Coconuts is the perfect way to do it!

Supplies You'll Need
- Assorted colors of felt
- Needle & thread
- Sequins & spangles, beads, and other embellishments
- Metal washers
- Dowel rod
- Yarn
- Magnet Cut assorted fish shapes from the felt. Each fish will be made of two identical pieces so plan accordingly. Use needle and thread to sew the two fish pieces together, add embellishments to the sides (each fish will have a different number 1-10), and a metal washer on the fish's nose. For the fishing rod, string a piece of yarn around one end of the dowel rod and tie a magnet at the end.

Fishing Game

Lay out a piece of blue felt or fabric as your classroom's personal pond. Scatter the fish around the 'pond' and invite your preschoolers to use the dowel rod to 'catch' as many fish as they can. Great for strengthening fine motor skills.

'Catch of the Day' Counting Game

After your students have caught their fish, take turns counting the embellishments on the side, then practice writing the appropriate number with a dry erase marker and white board, crayon and drawing paper, etc.

Counting Coconuts: Counting Felt Fish

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