"Countdown To Winter Break" Classroom Management Idea

Winter Countdown and Classroom Management Strategy for the Early Childhood Classroom

With the excitement over the coming winter break, finding ways to focus your kiddos' extra energy is a must! A countdown offers a fun way to recognize the upcoming event, provide a little something for your students to look forward to each day as they wait, and (hopefully) create a way to focus their excess excitement so you can still get things done before break! In the spirit of winter and the holidays, here's a cute themed countdown idea that is sure to be a hit!

Creating the countdown...

  • Cut a large evergreen tree shape from green construction paper or bulletin board paper.
  • Make copies of student yearbook photos, arranging them around the tree cutout.
  • Cut ornament shapes from assorted colors of construction paper, covering each of the photos with one of the cutouts.

Instituting the countdown...

Each day leading up to break, lift one of the ornaments to reveal a student photo. The kiddo in the photo gets to be the special 'student of the day' - i.e. they get to pick a piece of candy from the jar, be the line leader, etc. Along with a few fun 'perks', you might also consider having the other students in your class write a special note of thanks/encouragement to be sent home with the student of the day!

[NOTE: We didn't have time to create a full-sized classroom version, so we generated the digital version pictured above using clip art found at SweetClipart.com and MyCuteGraphics.com!]