Comical Bunny Hat and Glasses

Here's a project that is sure to be a hit in your classroom this Easter! Posted by Busy Bee Kids Crafts, this funny bunny hat (glasses included) will be perfect for all classrooms!

To begin, make a copy of the provided templates with card stock. While children should be taught to share and take turns, one template seems imprudent for a classroom of twenty-five so create a sturdy template for each group of four students.
Supplies You'll Need
- Pink, black, and white construction paper
- Pink or white chenille stems
- Kids scissors
- Craft glue
- Stapler

Trace the bunny ears and nose onto pink paper, the glasses on black, and the teeth onto white construction paper. Use craft scissors to cut each piece out. Glue one chenille stem onto the back of each ear in order to make it 'bendable'. Form a headband from construction paper and use the stapler to hold it together. Glue the bunny 'face' together, using the glasses, nose, and teeth, then attach to the bottom of the headband. Complete the hat by gluing the ears to the top and have fun!

Funny Bunny Hat

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