Columbus Day - The New World Coloring Page

Columbus Day Coloring Page and Drawing Preschool Printable
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After learning a little bit more about Christopher Columbus and his trek across the Atlantic Ocean, this coloring page we found over at Super Coloring is a great way to spark your kiddos' imagination and creativity! Invite your preschoolers to imagine themselves as Christopher Columbus; how he must have felt at the start of the journey, what it must have been like to be on a boat for 33 days, and how he must have felt when they finally reached land - and not just any land, but a new world that was previously unknown to his Eastern countrymen. With all of these things in mind, have your students think about the following prompt, “If I Discovered America...” and draw their response in the space on the coloring page!

 For this page – and many other Columbus Day coloring printables – be sure to visit Super Coloring!