Colorful Rattlesnake Project

Snakes are fascinating creatures and if you're in to gardening, nature walks, or other outdoor activities, you've likely run into these slithering reptiles at some point in time. Give your students a 'closer' look with this fun rattlesnake craft from Allie at No Time For Flash Cards. Not only can it supplement a biology unit on reptiles, it will make classroom music time a blast!

Supplies You'll Need - 2 toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll cut into two pieces - Jingle bells or rice - Leg of panty hose or a knee high - Craft glue (Elmer's glue) - Colorful foam - Wiggle eyes - Chenille stems - Scissors for kids Invite your students to cut geometric shapes from the foam. Insert both rolls inside the panty hose, adding the jingle bells or rice, then tightly tie the end of the nylon. Student can then decorate their 'snake' with the foam shapes. To make things easier (and less messy) it may be prudent to use foam already backed with an adhesive.

Thread the chenille stem through the panty hose to create a tongue, add wiggle eyes, and you've created your very own rattlesnake! Pair this craft with Judi Barrett's book "A Snake is Totally Tail" for some extra exploration and fun!

Rattlesnake Craft | No Time For Flash Cards