Color Wall Cards & Flash Cards

Color Words Preschool Printable
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Beth over at Living Life Intentionally makes it easy to help your preschoolers review colors with her fabulous color wall cards and flash cards! Download these colorful cards to use as decorations in your classroom or try one of these fun activities...

  • Tape the color wall cards to the floor, inviting your kiddos to hop from card to card identifying the colors as they go.
  • Print two sets of the color flash cards, inviting your preschoolers to play a fun memory/matching game - Concentration, Go Fish!, etc.
  • Set out the color wall cards on a table and invite your students to go on a scavenger hunt, finding and collecting items from around the room that match each card.
  • Create a sorting activity, printing various clip art images and inviting students to sort the pictures based on color. {Use the color wall cards as sorting mats.}

For these fun and versatile downloads, be sure to visit Living Life Intentionally!


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