Color Recognition Game for Preschoolers

While your students may not yet be able to comprehend color theory, you can be certain that they have wonderful observation skills and are ready to tackle learning their names and identifying specific colors. Kim, guest author on No Time For Flash Cards, provides directions for a simple yet effective color wheel matching game!

Supplies You'll Need
- Poster board (or other sturdy craft paper)
- Tempera paint
- Wooden spring clothespins
- Craft scissors
- Black Sharpie marker
- Pencil
- Ruler Creating the Game Board:

  • Draw or trace a large circle onto a piece of poster board. Kim suggests using a large mixing bowl.
  • Use a ruler to divide the circle into even sections so that it looks like a cut pie or pizza. You'll need to create a section for each color to be learned.
  • Paint each section with a different color.
  • Once dry, use a black Sharpie to mark the boundary between each color section and write the name of each color in the proper section.
  • Cut the circle from the poster board.

Creating the Game Pieces:

Paint one wooden spring clothespin to match the color of each section. When dry, use a Sharpie marker to label each color.

To Play:

Provide your student with the game board and the pile of clothespin game pieces. Invite them to clip the colored clothespins to the matching colored sections on the board. Have them identify each color and, as a bonus, have them practice letter recognition by asking them to point out the "o" in orange, etc.

Color Wheel Match! | No Time For Flash Cards

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