Clothespin Number Match Game

colorful dots on counting discs
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Designed by Erica, preschool curriculum developer and creator of Confessions of a Homeschooler, this fabulous clothespin number match game will help your preschoolers strengthen number recognition and counting while also honing fine motor skills! Incorporate this activity into your prepared math lessons, leave it on your students' desks as a morning warm-up drill, or add the exercise to your free play math center - however it works for you, your students are sure to love this colorful game! Clothespin Number Match Game Applications

Erica suggests printing and laminating the game discs then scripting numbers one through twenty onto mini clothespins, inviting your students to match each clothespin to their appropriate spot on the game wheel. You might also consider one of the following exercises for more and varied use in the classroom:

baby block 1 Provide students with laminated game discs, mini clothespins and mini craft pom poms. Have students use the clothespin to transfer a pom pom to each dot on the game disc as they count. For a greater challenge, invite students to identify and match the color of the pom pom to the game disc dot.
baby block 2 Provide students with game disc printouts and small round stickers. Invite them to place a sticker over each dot as they count. For a greater challenge, invite students to match the sticker color to that of the game disc dot.
baby block 3 Provide students with the laminated game disc, a shallow dish of water, and a small dropper. Invite students to place a small drop of water on each dot as they count. Instruct them to wipe the game disc off with a paper towel before moving to the next number section.

With such versatility, this match game printout would make a great addition to any preschool classroom! Be sure to visit Erica's full post for the download and, while you're there, be sure to check out her other fantastic early childhood ideas!

Happy Counting & Matching!