Classroom Ring Toss Game

Perfect for outside fun or a rainy day, this ring toss game will hone your students' fine and gross motor skills while burning off some of their excess energies!

Supplies You'll Need
- Recycled cardboard box (a square that's at least 14" x 14")
- 9 wooden clothespins
- Mason jar rings
- Exacto knife
- Tempera paint or Crayola markers To secure your clothespins to the box, you'll need to cut a pair of slits close together for each pin. Plan the pin spacing (usually 3 by 3), then use your Exacto knife to create the cuts. The prongs of the wooden clothespins can then be forced into these slits to anchor them to the game board. With paint or markers number each clothespin. These should not be in succession, but rather a random placement of numbers.

For classroom fun, set the game board on the floor and use masking tape to create a 'toss line'. Instruct your students to kneel, tossing the mason jar rings at the clothespins. Scoring is based on which pins are ringed (i.e. if the student hits the "1", "3", and "9", their score would be "13"). Keep moving the 'toss line' back in order to make it more challenging.

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