Classroom Parade

It is certainly difficult to continually come up with inspired activities for your classroom. Along with these great ideas presented by the creators of "Best Daycare Info", entertain your students this winter with a well-deserved celebration. Normally, when we think of parades, we think of summer and the outdoors. Of course, they don’t always have to follow this pattern. For a creative spin-off, plan a parade indoors. Collect classroom instruments from around the room or have your students make their own maracas, drums, or shakers as a craft. Provide art supplies for children to make individual or classroom banners to carry in the procession. Finally, invite your students to dress up in hats and colorful scarves, choose a few of their favorite songs, and march around the classroom singing, dancing, and playing their instruments. While not exactly a quiet activity, this is another great way for students to burn off some of the excess energies of the day!

Creative Ideas For Daycare Activities | Best Daycare Info

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