Classroom Ladybug Garden

If you're blanking on activities to do with your students this spring, check out We Are Teachers' recent blog post! They've compiled a list of 17 different exercises, crafts, and activities that are sure to get your students engaged and excited to learn!

Ladybug Habitat

If you have a classroom garden, ladybugs provide the perfect compliment as they eat the aphids that attempt to destroy your plants. Flowering plants such as dandelions, geraniums, cosmos, wild, carrot, etc. provide the best habitat for these bugs. To boost your ladybug population, go to your local nursery or search online for places to purchase wild ladybugs. If you're going to be keeping them for a few days before introducing the project to your students, make sure to keep your ladybugs in the proper environment. Moisten your insects with a few drops of water and place them in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator.

In preparation for your new 'guests', water your garden in the afternoon or early evening. Ladybugs thrive when well hydrated. Wait to release your colorful friends until after the sun has set. This will prevent them from attracting bird predators before they can successfully settle into their new garden home.

This is just one of the seventeen activities provided by We Are Teachers so be sure to take a look at the full post!

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