Christmas Themed Movement Cards

Christmas themed cards with various action descriptions
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Every preschool teacher loves (and dreads!) this time of year because, as Christmas nears and students begin to think about presents, and treats, and the coming break from school, they often get antsy! (And let's be honest, it's not always just the kids that get restless!)

We found these fantastic movement cards at Inspiration Surrounds Creativity Abounds and thought we'd share them with you as a way to help your preschoolers "get their wiggles out"! Each card is unique, featuring fun clip art images and a corresponding movement for you students to try. You'll have them all giggling as they try to mimic Santa placing gifts under the tree or twist their bodies into the shape of a candy cane!

Elise, mother and creator of these (and many other!) ingenious activities, provides ten different cards and movements. Use them one at a time as a fun transition between activities or use them all at once to start the class period (or when you all just need a break!). As your students get the hang of the concept, invite them to volunteer their own suggestions - encourage individual movement as well as group movement (i.e. "Can you and several of your friends: work together to twist your bodies into the shape of present?", etc.).

Also, if you run out of "Christmas" movements, consider adding in "winter" movements:

  • Imagine you are: sledding down a very steep (and bumpy!) hill.
  • Imagine you are: making and drinking a cup of warm cocoa. << This could be a fun one because it adds in the concept of sequencing.
  • Imagine you are: building snow forts. << Surprise your students by starting an impromptu "snowball fight", drawing "battle lines", and making it a group movement.
  • Imagine you are: dressing in your snow gear to go outside and play.
  • Imagine you are: a snowman (who can't move) and there's a bunny headed your way with his eye on your carrot nose!

The list could be endless - and the funnier the better! This activity will spark your preschoolers' playful side, get their imaginations moving, and help them get some of their energies out so they can focus during class!

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