Creative Teaching Press Chalk It Up! Spanish Inspire U Poster 3-Pack

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Product Description

The motivational messages on these Chalk It Up! Spanish Inspire U posters will resonate with students and adults of all ages to inspire positive thinking and behavior. Great for display in a school, church, workplace, dormitory, senior living residence, and anywhere a little inspiration is needed. Each poster measures 13-3/8" x 19".

Pack includes 3 posters:

* 8168 - Hoy es el dia (Make today the day to)
Spanish: "Hoy es el dia para aprender algo nuevo"
English Translation: "Make today the day to learn something new"
* 8169 - Somos (We Are)
Spanish: "Somos...especiales, sabios, grandes, listos, finos, elocuentes, amigables, divertidos, alegres, leales, imaginativos, responsables, exitosos, positivos, orginales, amables, poderosos, optimistas, fuertes..."
English Translation: "We are...special, wise, grand, ready, fine, eloquent, friendly, fun, cheerful, loyal, imaginative, responsible, successful, positive, original, kind, powerful, optimistic, strong..."
* 8170 - La vida se trata de hacer... (Mistakes)
Spanish: La vida se trata de hacer equivocaciones y aprender de ellas"
English Translation: "Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them"

Product Info

Product # 02-CTP8171
Brand Creative Teaching Press
CollectionChalk It Up!
Dimensions13 3/8" x 19"
ThemeCharacter Building, Motivational

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Hannah Doherty (Chicago, US)

Perfect for my room!