Caterpillar Counting & Building

spring caterpillar preschool counting math exercise
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Perfect for spring, this caterpillar count and build exercise from is a great way to help your preschoolers strengthen numeral recognition, build fine motor skills, and practice counting. The great part is, there are many ways to use and adapt this worksheet to keep things interesting! Worksheet Applications & Considerations

  • Don't limit yourself to the numbers 7 through 10. Use white out and a pen or a number sticker to alter the numerals on the worksheet to create a complete set of count and build caterpillars.
  • Have your students try different mediums when building their caterpillars - circle stickers, do-a-dot markers/BINGO pens, ink pads or shallow dishes of craft paint and fingerprints, craft pom pons, construction paper or art tissue circle cutouts, colorful candies {i.e. M&Ms, Skittles, Sixlets, etc.}, etc.
  • Add in some patterning fun by having students alternate the colors or circle sizes of their caterpillars.
  • Introduce ordering concepts, inviting students to build caterpillars in 'rainbow order'.

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