Candy Cane Math Skill Worksheets

Winter and Christmas Math Preschool Printables
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We ran across these candy cane themed lapbook activities, based on Lori Walburg's The Legend of the Candy Cane, over at Homeschool Share and thought there were some fun activities that you kiddos would enjoy! Put together by Tina Franks and Ami Brainerd, your kiddos will practice counting, sequencing, graphing, and much more!

Candy Cane Size Sequencing

Students strengthen visual discrimination, practice working with objects of different sizes, and build sequencing skills as they work to put the candy cane cards in order from smallest to largest and/or largest to smallest. For extra exposure and practice, consider printing several sets of candy cane cards and inviting your kiddos to sort/group them based on size.

Candy Counting

In this activity, students strengthen counting skills and numeral recognition as they count the number or candies displayed on each page and write the correct numeral in the box. As an added activity, students learn how to collect data, display it on a graph, and analyze the results.

Candy Cane Counting

As they complete this activity, students build numeral recognition and counting skills - quantifying the number of stripes on each candy cane card and matching it to the appropriate numeral card.

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