"Busy Bag" Activities: Rainbow Puzzles

Rainbow Puzzle Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: www.thecraftyclassroom.com

{“Busy Bags” are great to use as a transition between activities, before morning meeting, when a student finishes the lesson early, etc. We found several fantastic ideas over at The Crafty Classroom and had to pass them on a few of our favorites!}

Rainbow Puzzles

This bag is easy to make and will keep your kiddos occupied for hours coming up with new rainbow "concoctions"! Start with a rainbow template {like this one from Marcia's Lesson Links}, using it to create rainbow cutouts from colored foam. As the picture shows, you'll want to cut out each individual color strip so students can mix and match. For ideas, consider providing 'rainbow puzzle cards' that students can copy off of, or 'rainbow puzzle mats' that are big enough for students to lay the actual pieces on {both shown below}.

Rainbow Puzzle Preschool Lesson Plan
puzzle mats (left) and puzzle cards (right)

    Be sure to head on over to The Crafty Classroom to check out this and other "Busy Bag" activity ideas!

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    "Busy Bag" Activities: Rainbow Puzzles

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