"Busy Bag" Activities: Mini Number & Letter Books

Math Counting Preschool Lesson Plan
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{"Busy Bags" are great to use as a transition between activities, before morning meeting, when a student finishes the lesson early, etc. We found several fantastic ideas over at The Crafty Classroom and had to pass them on a few of our favorites!}

My Counting Book

Invite your preschoolers to practice their numeral recognition and counting skills by making a simple sticker counting book. Set out homemade construction paper booklets along with foam numbers or download our colorful printable number booklet {either the or ; booklet pictured below}, provide students with a sheet of stickers, and invite them to fill the pages with the appropriate number of stickers.

Math Counting Interactive Emergent Reader Preschool Lesson Plan

My Alphabet Book

Similar to the activity above, invite your kiddos to practice letter recognition and beginning letter sounds by making an alphabet book. Once again, construction paper booklets and foam letters will certainly work, but we've created a free printable booklet to download as well {a and ; both pictured below}. Armed with the booklet, have your students think of an object that starts with each letter and draw it in the space.

Alphabet Literacy Preschool Lesson Plan

[NOTE: The cut & paste alphabet book printable comes with both upper and lower case letters for varied practice.]

Head on over to check out these and other great "Busy Bag" activities from The Crafty Classroom!

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"Busy Bag" Activities: Mini Number & Letter Books

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