Bug Themed Action Cards

Bug Themed Gross Motor Preschool Printable Activity
Photo Source: www.oopseydaisyblog.com

The whole I is for Insect unit from Alison of Oopsey Daisy is fantastic and filled to the brim with amazing learning exercises {and completely free to download at her website, by the way!!}, but we especially love these bug themed action cards! If you need a fun transition activity or a "fill-in" exercise for when you finish a lesson early, just pull out a few of these cards and let the fun begin!

Eleven action cards in all, each features a different insect and a unique motion. Your kiddos are sure to giggle as they attempt to "slide like a snail", "blink like a lightning bug", and "wiggle like a caterpillar"! As an alternative to the entire class completing the motions, play insect "charades" by having your students draw a card from a hat/container and acting out the clue for their classmates to guess.

Be sure to head on over to Oopsey Daisy for this {and other} fantastic downloads!