Black History Month Important People Poster

Black History Month Preschool Printable
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Dina over at The Constant Kindergartner created this fabulous poster for Black History Month that features important African American historical figures. From Martin Luther King Jr and Ruby Bridges to Sojourner Truth and George Washington Carver, this poster offers a great way to introduce and review each new person to your preschoolers. The download comes with full color and black and white posters, as well as a coloring page that doubles as a writing exercise.

This, of course, works great as a poster, but you might also consider...

  • Providing each of your students with a poster, inviting them to cut the pictures from the poster and use them in their writing notebook - gluing a picture to the top of each page and writing one fact they learned about each historical figure!
  • [If the above suggestion is too much...] Provide each student with a picture from the poster, have them paste it to a journaling page and write several facts they've learned about the person, then bind the pages together in a class book.

Be sure to visit The Constant Kindergartner for the free download!