Awesome Number Printables from The Home Teacher!

Numeracy and Printing Preschool Printable
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We are a huge fan of these number printables created by Keri of The Home Teacher! Using a variety of activities - including tracing, stamping, drawing, and more - your kiddos are sure to master their numbers in no time at all! Keri offers a printable for each number, zero to thirty, making these worksheets a fantastic resource for your students to collect and make into a book for future practice/review.

Anatomy of the Worksheet

Printing and Numeracy Preschool Printable
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As they trace, stamp, write, circle, and show the focus number, students will strengthen/build...

  • Number recognition
  • Number word recognition
  • Counting skills
  • Fine motor coordination

As they find the focus numeral on the number line, your kiddos will also be able to visually see how the numbers fit together, reviewing sequencing.

Be sure to head on over to The Home Teacher for these awesome downloads and for some great ideas on using them!