"Are We Really Different?" MLK Day Egg Experiment & FREEbie!

MLK Day is right around the corner and we've been busy trying to find some last minute {and simple!} ideas that you can use in the classroom as you and your kiddos explore the life and legacy of this important historical figure!

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Here's an oldie, but a goodie! Katie, kindergarten teacher and creator of the blog, Little Warriors, put together this fun egg activity (including a great free printable response sheet!) to help her littles explore one of King's important messages - while we may look different on the outside, on the inside, we are the same!

Are We Really Different?


Paper plate

One white egg

One brown egg

Response sheet

Step One

To start the lesson, display the eggs and invite your students to take turns examining them, noting any differences they observe on their response sheet. Discuss, as a class, your students' observations. For example, your discussion might include;

How are the eggs similar?

  • They are both eggs.
  • They have the same shape.
  • They both roll.
  • They have a smooth shell.
  • You can eat them.

How are the eggs different?

  • They are different colors.

Step Two

Next, crack the eggs and allow students to observe the insides. Have students fill in the appropriate section of their response sheet, then resume your discussion and list. Your discussion might include;

How are the eggs similar?

  • They both make a mess.
  • They have the same parts - shell, yolk, and white.
  • They have a yellow yolk.

How are the eggs different?

  • Despite how they look on the outside, your students are sure to be surprised to find that the insides are identical!


This activity also has some great science connections! This might be the first time many of your kiddos have ever seen a brown egg, so as an extension, you can explore as a class why some eggs are white and some are brown!