Another Flag Creation

While many adults get caught up in work or home life and have a tendency to forget, teachers have a unique opportunity to remind students of the greatness of our country and the work of our founding fathers. Janet, a volunteer art teacher in San Diego, offers a way to bring the symbol of our nation to life with this awesome flag mural. It may take a bit of prep time, but is well worth it. To begin, connect thirty-two 8.5” x 11” sheets of craft paper to make a mural that is eight sheets across and four sheets high. The total dimensions should equal 68” x 44”. Draw a pencil version of the United States flag. This can be as detailed as you want. For older students, it would be more challenging if you created a flag that wasn’t stagnant. One with loose folds as it hangs from a flagpole or a depiction of it rippling in the wind are great options in this case.

After you’ve created the base, assign a specific piece to each student. Provide them with several art mediums including colored pencils, markers, paint, pastels, etc. and allow them to choose how to complete their part of the picture. When taped back together you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece to hang in the hallway or on the wall of your classroom!

ART PROJECTS FOR KIDS: Kid’s Flag Art from San Diego

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