Animals & Their Sounds

animal sounds matching game preschool printable
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We found this animal sound matching game at Montessori Print Shop (via It's a great way to teach your preschoolers about animals {a fun spring lesson!}, add some new vocabulary words to their repertoire, and cultivate important skills. Without images or other visual clues, this activity is sure to be a bit more challenging than most, forcing your kiddos rely on:

  • Their knowledge of letters.
  • Their problem solving skills.
  • And the visual discrimination skills they've cultivated.

homemade animal flash cardsTweaking the Activity

If you find that the activity is too difficult for you students, consider creating animal flash cards to go with them like these. On the first animal card, add the animal name, and on the second, include the animal sound. This will just add another dimension to learning - providing visual and memory clues for your students to use when making matches. It might even be nice to have your students start by matching these cards, familiarizing themselves with the new vocabulary, then add in the vocabulary/text cards and the sentence strips.

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