An Ice Cream Shoppe in Preschool!

We all scream for ice cream
photo © 2007 Andrew Storms | more info (via: Wylio)

Looking to transition your pretend play area for spring/summer? Consider creating an ice cream stand/shoppe like this one at Sun Hats & Wellie Boots! It's super creative, vibrantly colorful, and sure to be tons of fun!

Supplies You'll Need

  • Shallow trays {recycled produce trays or frozen entree trays would work}
  • Play dough in assorted colors {and smells! Add cocoa powder to the "chocolate", vanilla extract in the "vanilla", and so on for a complete sensory experience!}
  • Measuring spoons/scoops
  • Small beads, colored rice, homemade glitter, and other "toppings" of your choice
  • Ice cream cones {see the full post for directions on making these from corrugated cardboard} and shallow serving dishes
  • Plastic or play spoons
  • Aprons
  • Order pads
  • Cash register
  • Play menu/sign {optional}

Consider creating several stations for your kiddos to take turns...

  1. Making ice cream. Provide small bags of homemade playdough, food coloring, a variety of essences, and glitter {optional}, as well as a stack of serving trays and invite your kiddos to concoct a new ice cream flavor.
  2. Taking customer orders.
  3. Scooping ice cream and fulfilling customer orders.
  4. Ringing up order, accepting money, and making change.

This spring/summer inspired pretend play area is sure to be a fast favorite! For fantastic pictures and ideas, be sure to visit Sun Hats & Wellie Boots!