All Kinds of Weather Matching Worksheet

preschool weather matching printable worksheet
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Invite your preschoolers to develop their critical thinking skills with this weather-themed worksheet from TLS Books - a fantastic site for free printables! Featuring black and white graphics {that just beg for you to get out the art box and add a bit of color!}, students must decide which weather condition the child(ren) in the picture are suited for. In some cases, the clothing choices are important (i.e. the raincoat and umbrella signify rain, etc.), while in other cases, your preschoolers must take into account the activity in which the figure is engaged (i.e. flying a kite signifies wind). This exercise offers your students a chance to explore relationship-building, hone observation skills, and strengthen problem solving skills.

Worksheet & Activity Considerations

  • Have students use the images to begin a weather chart - paste a weather image in the header of each column, attach the appropriate/matching picture in the column underneath, then find and paste pictures from old magazines, etc. that are relevant to each type of weather condition (i.e. an ice skater would be placed under "Snowy", a surfer would be glued under the heading "Sunny", etc.).
  • After completing the exercise, use the images as journal prompts each day (i.e. Have your students glue the sun clip art image to the top of their paper and write or dictate, "When it's sunny, I like to __________." or "When it's sunny, I wear __________."
  • For further practice, cut the images apart, glue them to blank index cards, and use them to play a simple memory game.

For the download, be sure to visit TLS Books! And, while you're there, don't forget to peruse the awesome selection of free printables they offer!

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