All About Me - Back-To-School Printable Booklet

Posted on August 1, 2012 | By kayla
Back To School and All About Me Preschool Printable
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Along with icebreakers and other back-to-school activities, the beginning of the school year offers the perfect opportunity to integrate an "All About Me" unit. Not only does it take some of the pressure off (students are exploring a topic they already know about - themselves!), but it allows you to get to know each of your students better and invites students to get acquainted/reacquainted with their classmates.

We found this printable "All About Me" booklet over at A Year of Family Home Evenings and thought it would make the perfect introductory activity. With 16-pages in total, there are tons of great prompts that your preschoolers can work on both in the classroom and at home with their parents. Perhaps, once the booklets are completed, you can have each student pick their favorite page and share it with the class!

For the awesome download, be sure to visit A Year of Family Home Evenings!

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