All About Frogs - Creating Informational Stories (with FREE printables!)

Graphic Organizer and Informational Text - All About Frogs
Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

A great way to teach your kiddos how to write an informational story is to use graphic organizers and venn diagrams. Faith over at 1st Grade Fantabulous featured several FREE printables that will make the task super simple!

Before you begin, make sure you talk as a class about what non-fiction means and what the difference is between a fact and an opinion. Faith's class was learning about frogs at the time, so she carried the frog topic over into their writing assignments. Really, any topic you happen to be covering at the time would work (fish, snakes, bees, etc)!

Students were given the opportunity to complete their own graphic organizers using information they found in their books. Then, they were asked to use the graphs to create their own informational texts. Struggling students were given assitance by completing the graphic organizer together as a group.

Graphic Organizer - All About Frogs
Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

Faith also had her class complete venn diagrams comparing frogs and toads.

Venn Diagram - All About Frogs
Photo Source: 1st Grade Fantabulous

The graphic organizer and venn diagrams were part of the same packet of FREEbies for teaching story elements and were created by A Year of Many Firsts. Be sure to head over to 1st Grade Fantabulous for the link to grab the free worksheets!