Abstract Marble Art

This creative idea has been circulating the internet in various forms, but Erin of LaughPaintCreate, has provided a wonderful guide to enjoying marble abstract art with your students!

Following a discussion of the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, Erin and her students did some color exploration of their own. Starting with a deep foil pan lined with white craft paper, Erin explained that colors have their own unique friendships, and demonstrated using the primary colors and marbles. To create abstract marble art:

  1. Prepare paint in shallow containers.
  2. Lightly coat a marble with paint.
  3. Drop it into the paper lined pan and shake so that the marble rolls around.
  4. Repeat using other colors for a fun abstract print.

If you desire to display these colorful works of art, paste them onto pieces of black construction paper. This will make the colors 'pop' and provide a bit of separation between works so each child's art is recognized.

laughpaintcreate: Marble Rolling Abstract Art

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