ABCs of Art) Gg is for...

We love extending learning with fun crafts and unique art experiences! Perfect for the younger set who are just learning their letters or even for the older crowd who might simply enjoy exploring new art mediums and techniques, this set of printables + activities works its way through the alphabet, inviting students to explore a different art experience for each letter of the alphabet – i.e. Aa is for apple printing, Bb is for balloon painting, Cc is for circle art, etc. When bound together upon completion, your kiddos will have a colorful and unique review tool and/or art portfolio! BONUS: Because we love options, we’re attempting to give various project ideas for each letter so that you can pick and choose… or do them all!

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Letter G Crafts for Kids

Gg is for Glue {Resist} Art

Alphabet Kids Craft

Using drip glue when crafting is always a crowd-pleaser, specifically with the younger set, so making glue resists is sure to get your kiddos excited! Not only that, they're also pretty simple to make... Alphabet Kids Craft

Draw a design on your art paper with craft glue and let the glue dry completely.

Alphabet Kids Craft

Paint over the glue design with watercolor paints. The paint will bead up when it comes in contact with the glue marks, 'revealing' the previously drawn design!

Again, pretty simple. We think the hardest part might be waiting for the glue to dry! We do want to note, however, that large puddles of glue take much longer to dry, so it's definitely a good idea to review gluing techniques before beginning the project! (Especially if you're working with younger crafters!)

*Because of the timing, we worked with Halloween characters and doodles, but you could also simply create an abstract print!

Gg is for Gravel Art

Alphabet Craft for Kids

Ever worked with art gravel? This was our first experience with it and we had a lot of fun using it to create colorful designs!

Project notes...

  • Stick with simple, less complicated designs when working with younger crafters. Older crafters would do just fine with a design like our example, but younger crafters would definitely lose interest/patience with the project before it was completed.
  • If you purchase multi-colored gravel, we highly recommend separating the colors as best you can before beginning the project. This would make the whole process go a lot faster!
  • Use the pencil to sketch your design before beginning. Especially for older crafters who wish to do a more intricate design, this will make the process go faster as well.

Alphabet Craft for Kids

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    ABCs of Art) Gg is for...


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