ABCs of Art - Ff is for...

We love extending learning with fun crafts and unique art experiences! Perfect for the younger set who are just learning their letters or even for the older crowd who might simply enjoy exploring new art mediums and techniques, this set of printables + activities works its way through the alphabet, inviting students to explore a different art experience for each letter of the alphabet – i.e. Aa is for apple printing, Bb is for balloon painting, Cc is for circle art, etc. When bound together upon completion, your kiddos will have a colorful and unique review tool and/or art portfolio! BONUS: Because we love options, we’re attempting to give various project ideas for each letter so that you can pick and choose… or do them all!

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Letter F Craft for Kids

Ff is for Fork Printing

Alphabet Kids Craft

Fork painting adds such a cool texture to your art! If you're unfamiliar with the exercise, we pretty much did what the name implies - used plastic forks with assorted tempera paints to create prints, lines, etc. Like several of the other projects in this series, this was a new one for us and we had a lot of fun with it! Set-up was super easy (which is always a plus!) and we had fun working with the rigid fork to manipulate the prints. Fork bursts. Squiggles. Heavy lines. Thin lines. It was neat to see the different results.

Letter F Kids Craft

Ff is for Feather Painting

Alphabet Craft for Kids

Feather painting was also a hit! We loved the sensory component and (once again) the easy set-up!

Project notes...

  • Our bag of assorted craft feathers allowed us to select different types of feathers to use and explore - contour (a bit more firm), down (very soft), semiplume, etc. We also had a package of ostrich feathers. It was fun to see how the different marks compared!
  • Painting with feathers takes concentration and control. Even when dipped in paint, the feathers are light and it takes a bit more effort to coordinate their movement on the paper! *This is especially true if your kiddos are looking to make a specific design - like a rainbow, etc.

Letter F Craft for Kids

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    ABCs of Art - Ff is for...


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