ABCs of Art - Dd is for...

We love extending learning with fun crafts and unique art experiences! Perfect for the younger set who are just learning their letters or even for the older crowd who might simply enjoy exploring new art mediums and techniques, this set of printables + activities works its way through the alphabet, inviting students to explore a different art experience for each letter of the alphabet – i.e. Aa is for apple printing, Bb is for balloon painting, Cc is for circle art, etc. When bound together upon completion, your kiddos will have a colorful and unique review tool and/or art portfolio! BONUS: Because we love options, we’re attempting to give various project ideas for each letter so that you can pick and choose… or do them all!

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Letter D Craft for Kids

Dd is for Drip Painting

Letter D Craft for Kids Next summer we have plans to take this project outside (where a bit more mess is acceptable), but since it was a cloudy, drizzly day, we improvised so we could bring the experience inside.

Project notes...

  • On its own the tempera paint wasn't 'drippy' enough so we added a bit of liquid laundry starch to create a better consistency for dripping.
  • Instead of paint brushes, we decided to use plastic spoons. They worked great for scooping, tipping, dripping, and swirling!
  • The aluminum roasting pan was a must to keep the splatters from decorating the table and floor!
  • Along with taking the project outside, next time we thought it might be fun to create a collaborative masterpiece and do the drip painting in stages - i.e. Day 1 = paint the entire canvas with a background color, Day 2 = introduce yellow and purple, Day 3 = paint with blue and green, etc. It would be fun to see how the print evolves!

Letter D Craft for Kids

Dd is for Dice Printing

Letter D Craft for Kids We actually did both of these projects in the same day and didn't want to see the paint used for our drip prints go to waste, so we actually used it, along with a shallow container and paper towel, to create a 'paint sponge' that could be used for the dice prints. [NOTE: We knew that, as with a lot of printing projects, the dice printing wouldn't go well if too much paint was used. The sponge definitely helped to limit the paint, but we did still end up with some not so clear prints.]

Project notes...

  • We only used purple (a mixture of the pink and blue drip paint), but you could certainly select more colors to spice up the experience!
  • While we know it would have been fun simply using the dice to print at random, it was fun to add a math component - using the dice to create addition problems. [NOTE: You could also work with subtraction problems, patterns, etc!]
  • Die come in all different sizes and materials. Next time we thought it might be fun to explore various types of die!

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    ABCs of Art - Dd is for...

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