ABCs of Art - Aa is for...

We love extending learning with fun crafts and unique art experiences! Perfect for the younger set who are just learning their letters or even for the older crowd who might simply enjoy exploring new art mediums and techniques, this set of printables + activities works its way through the alphabet, inviting students to explore a different art experience for each letter of the alphabet - i.e. Aa is for apple printing, Bb is for balloon painting, Cc is for circle art, etc. When bound together upon completion, your kiddos will have a colorful and unique review tool and/or art portfolio! BONUS: Because we love options, we're attempting to give various project ideas for each letter so that you can pick and choose... or do them all!

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Alphabet Art for Preschool and Kindergarten

Aa is for Apple Printing

Letter A Craft for Kids

This is a great fall project! If they haven't studied the inside of an apple, this could be a fun time to check out the parts of an apple and explore what it looks like (and prints like) when cut different ways! The example below features the star pattern that you get when you cut the apple horizontally.

Project notes...

  • The craft sticks offer a great handle and work wonders for little crafters!
  • The prints will not come out nicely if you have too much paint. The paper towel offered a great place to dab off excess paint before printing.

Letter A Craft for Kids

Aa is for Acorn Painting

Letter A Craft for Kids This is another great project for fall! Similar to marble painting, place your activity sheet in an aluminum roasting pan or recycled box, add a few dabs of paint to the sheet, and get to rolling! As it rolls, the acorn will make colorful tracks across the paper. As an extension, separate the cupule (the top "cap" that attaches to the tree and holds the nut) from the nut and use it to make fun circular prints!

Get started on your own ABC Art portfolio with these FREE activity sheets:

    ABCs of Art - Aa is for...


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