A Twist on the Matching Game

Now that Easter has come and gone, you're probably left with plenty of supplies you don't know what to do with. Before you label a bin "Easter" and throw it into the back corner of your supply closet, here is a fun twist on the traditional matching game that is perfect for your leftover plastic Easter eggs. Instead of matching by colors, shapes, or other variables you can see, why not challenge your students to be good listeners and match items based on how they sound? This activity can be played as a class or in small groups. To begin, pick an assortment of objects that will fit into the plastic eggs. Creator of The Activity Mom blog suggests pennies, small beans, rice, macaroni, or anything else you can find. If playing as a class, pick student volunteers to come up and shake the eggs. Then invite the whole class to vote on which one makes a matching sound.

This activity is sure to be a hit with your students! To keep things interesting, periodically change the objects inside the eggs. This will keep your students on their toes.

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