A Twist on Journaling!

Ever make up secret codes and handshakes when you were little? If you have some reluctant writers, consider attempting to engage their imaginations and interest in the journaling process with this fun {and secretive!} exercise! The first step - invite your kiddos to fabricate a new code and key!

Tammy at daisy yellow suggests picking a letter-word code for each letter of the alphabet. You might also consider creating a letter-picture code. For example, to depict the letter "A" students might draw an apple, airplane, alligator, etc. Provide your kiddos with a code sheet {like the one pictured below} and let their imaginations do the rest!

Elementary Journal Prompt and Writing Exercise

Because writing in code is different and takes some getting used to, provide your students with introductory exercises. Have them write their name, the names of their classmates, or the names of family members in their special code. Invite students to practice writing familiar sight words or color words in code. Here is an example of a color word exercise.

Elementary Journal Prompt and Writing Exercise

Elementary Journal Prompt and Writing Exercise

Once they've had plenty of practice, invite them to give simple sentences and then entire journal entries a shot {of course, they can consult their secret code sheet as needed!}. This fun, imaginative exercise is sure to inspired even your most reluctant writers!

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