A Taste of Spring - Rainbow Slushies Snack Idea

Rainbow Slushies Spring Snack
Photo Source: Almost Unschoolers

Add a little color (and excitement) to snack time with this rainbow slushies idea that was featured on Almost Unschoolers. Just looking at this rainbow creation is making me hungry!

Rainbow Slushies

Supplies Needed:

Small clear plastic cups (juice size)

Freezer pops


Cutting board (or something simliar to hammer on)
Supplies for Rainbow Slushies Snack Idea
Photo Source: Almost Unschoolers

Allow the freezer pops to thaw for a few minutes before hammering to prevent the plastic from bursting. Then, hammer the pops to break up the ice. Layer the colorful ice into your cups to represent the colors of the rainbow (purple, blue, green, orange and red).

Step 2 for Making Rainbow Slushies
Photo Source: Almost Unschoolers

So freshing! Enjoy with a straw or spoon.