A Lesson in Fiscal Fitness For Teachers Buying Classroom Supplies

Young Boy Haning from Gymnastic RingsWith budget shortfalls everywhere, buying teacher supplies on the cheap often costs more in the long run. A new report reveals some proven cost-effective strategies that won’t shortchange a student’s total learning experience:

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These days, teachers are under attack from a variety of sources. A new documentary, “Waiting for Superman” by the director of “An Inconvenient Truth” turns a critical eye towards the education system, and especially teachers. In this environment, the last thing teachers want to do is make poor decisions about their classrooms. And that includes vital resources like classroom supplies and classroom decorations.

Fortunately a new guide provides proven insights on maintaining a fiscally fit classroom supplies budget. As Phil Johnson, co-founder of MPM School Supplies shared, “We really feel for what teachers are going through today. They’re constantly forced to do more with less. With our new report, we share real world answers on how any teacher can best manage their classroom supplies budget...

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