Miss Martin's Classroom

Hey there, fellow educators! We've got some super exciting news to share โ€“ SupplyMe has just acquired the domain! ๐ŸŽ‰ While we haven't snagged any of Miss Martin's awesome teaching goodies, we're over the moon about this new addition to our family.

For those who don't know, used to be a fantastic blog run by the amazing Miss Martin from Kansas. She was all about sharing rad teaching ideas and products, especially for kiddos facing challenges like emotional and behavioral disorders. With seven years of teaching experience under her belt (and a heart of gold), Miss Martin's blog was a go-to for educators everywhere.

Even though we haven't taken over Miss Martin's materials, we're stoked to have her domain on board. Our plan? To keep the spirit of alive by offering a spot where educators can still find inspiration, swap stories, and pick up some top-notch teaching tips.

Here at SupplyMe, we're all about supporting educators on their awesome teaching journeys. By snagging, we're spreading our wings even further to help educators worldwide.

So, get ready to join us on this adventure! We're pumped to revamp and keep the good times rolling. Let's honor Miss Martin's legacy together and keep the education magic alive!

Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime, keep being the incredible educators you are! ๐ŸŒŸ