Kara's Classroom

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Having delved into extensive research on DIY light tables, the individual became convinced that the process could be further simplified. They had no desire to construct a frame for the table, nor did they wish to paint or wrap the inside of the box with wax paper to enhance light diffusion. Additionally, they wanted to avoid a plug-in light source since the intention was to use it in their preschool class for the upcoming year.

The most labor-intensive aspect of this endeavor was in finding the right box, a task that consumed months as they scoured online sources and explored the storage sections of various stores. Ultimately, their quest led them to the ideal solution: the IKEA SNALIS BOX & LID. This box was completely opaque, eliminating concerns about light diffusion, and it possessed the perfect size. The lid also featured a lip, meeting their specific requirements, and had the added benefit of lacking any branding or see-through stripes, which set it apart from the sterilizer boxes they had considered.

For the lighting, they opted to use six adhesive ENERGIZER LED TAP LIGHTS positioned at the bottom of the box. The only time-consuming step was inserting the batteries into these lights, making the process remarkably straightforward. The box itself cost $8, while the lights and batteries amounted to approximately $25.